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Grinding and Sanding Dust Collection

Field Profiles

1. Auto Body Repair Shop

Application: Auto dealer body repair shop generated heavy amounts of airborne body filler and metal sanding dust from auto body repair and paint prep process. Ambient air filter units contained airborne dust and reduced dust migration to adjacent shop areas.

Filtration Equipment: Six AirFlow Systems Model F70R Self-Contained, Ambient Air Cleaners; One AirKing Model M-30 "T" Style Ambient Air Cleaner

Special Equipment: None

Location: New Mexico

Type of Dust/Smoke: Body filler (Bondo) and metal grinding dust

CFM/Static Pressure: Each air filter provided 2500cfm—system design for 7 minute air exchange rate.

Dust/Smoke Load: Moderate—Pre-filter pads changed monthly, main filter bags one to two times annually

Filter Velocity: N/A

Filter Type: 2" Polyester Extended Surface Pre-filter Pad, 4" Deep Pleated Pre-filter, 95% Main Deep Pocket Filter Bag

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2. Graphite Dust Collection—Tool Grinding

Application: Tool grinding shop required updating of existing dust collection system. Project included removal of undersized and inconveniently located dust collector, replacement/ enlargement of duct system to handle more positions.

Filtration Equipment: One Torit Model VS3000 Intermittent Duty Cartridge Filter Dust Collector including 7.5 hp Blower, Automatic Filter Shaker and Pull-Out Dust Drawer; Torit Easy Duct Clamping Duct System; AirFlow Systems Source Capture Self-Supported Fume Extractor Arms

Special Equipment: Custom Source Capture Hoods

Location: Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke: Graphite /carbide dust

CFM/Static Pressure: 1800 cfm @ 6.6" s.p.

Dust/Smoke Load: Moderate

Filter Velocity: 3 fpm

Filter Type: Torit Ultra Web Cartridge Filter

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3. Steel Grinding—Hand Finishing

Application: Tube fabrication company hand finishes tooling, generating steel dust and wheel grit from process.

Filtration Equipment: One Torit Model DDB-1500 Downdraft Table Dust Collector with a Light, a Grated Work Surface, Self-Cleaning Filters, Controls, and Pull-Out Dust Drawers

Special Equipment: None

Location: Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke: Steel dust, wheel grit

CFM/Static Pressure: 3600 cfm

Dust/Smoke Load: Light

Filter Velocity: 2 fpm

Filter Type: Torit Ultra Web Cartridge Filter

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4. Steel Grinding Dust—System Retrofit Project

Application: Spring grinding machinery generated heavy loads of small steel dust particles. The original dust collection system utilized intermittent-duty, shaker type, bag filter collectors. High filter pressure drop due to elevated filter velocities and intermittent filter shaking mechanisms reduced air flow at the hoods. Fine dust also migrated through filter bags and contaminated external building areas. The new Torit system increased air flow at hoods by over 100% and use of the Torit Oval Ultra Web cartridge filters provided over 99% filtration efficiency.

Filtration Equipment: One New Torit Downflo Oval Series Model DFO-3-24 Reverse Pulse, Continuous Duty, Oval Type Ultra Webs Filter Cartridge Dust Collector with Hartzell Model 03-BC 40 hp Blower

Special Equipment: Torit Easy Duct Clamping Style Duct Material and Combination Vertical Discharge / Backdraft Damper Blower Outlet

Location: Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke: Steel dust

CFM/Static Pressure: 11500 cfm @ 9" s.p.

Dust/Smoke Load: Moderate to Heavy

Filter Velocity: 2.5 fpm

Filter Type: Torit Ultra Web Oval, Flame Retardant Cartridge Filters

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5. Steel Grinding / Sanding Dust Collection

Application: Bottling company service center repairs/refurbishes/resurfaces vending machines. New system connected six hand-held pneumatic sanders to the high-pressure vacuum dust collector for source capture dust control. Ambient air filter unit provided general shop air filtration. New system reduced operator exposure to airborne dust, improved overall work quality and replaced shop vac equipment. New sanders increased sandpaper life over 400%.

Filtration Equipment: One Torit Model TD-162 High Pressure Cartridge Filter Dust Collector; One Vac-U-Max Model 1070 Vacuum Producer; One Airflow Systems Model F70R Ambient Air Filter Unit

Special Equipment: Vac-U-Max Hand-Held 6" Diameter Pneumatic Sanders

Location: Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke: Steel dust

CFM/Static Pressure: Source capture system = 300 cfm @ 8" h.g.; ambient air cleaner = 2500 cfm

Dust/Smoke Load: Heavy—One 55-gallon drum every two weeks

Filter Velocity: Torit TD-162 @ 1.85 fpm

Filter Type: Torit Ultra Web Cartridge Filters

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