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Bag / HEPA Filter Air Cleaning Equipment

Ambient Air Cleaners High efficiency filter media, flow rates up to 12,000 CFM. Versatility in configuration and filter selection for filtration of ambient dust, smoke, mist, fume, and odor.

"T" Style Ambient Air Cleaners “T” design allows for effective ambient airflow patterns, increased filter area provides for longer filter life and lower operating costs. Four sizes with numerous filter configuration options.

Modular Media Mist Collectors Designed for wet or dry filtration applications. Four sizes with numerous filter configuration options provide for use in all types of facilities. Machine tool mountable or central systems fit all types of machine tools.

Portable Air Cleaners Use to capture/contain contaminants at the source. Heavy duty unit can handle dust, smoke and odors with optional carbon filter module.

Robotic Filter Hoods Five sizes are perfect for use with robotic welding/cutting positions. Increased filter area, and easy access for maintenance make the unit efficient to operate. Overhead/canopy hood design contains dust and smoke. Self-contained units include blowers and filter section.

Panel Filter Downdraft Tables Filter type units handle light to moderate dust loads and protect operator breathing zones form grinding/sanding dust or smoke. Seven sizes fit numerous applications. Custom configurations available.

Panel Filter Booths Filter type units handle light to moderate dust loads and isolate work areas within booth enclosures. Eight sizes fit most applications. Custom configurations available.

Cartridge Air Filtration / Dust Collection Equipment

Cartridge Filter Air Cleaners Excellent for heavier duty ambient smoke/dust applications requiring self-cleaning cartridge filter designs. Ultra web filters handle all types of smoke/dust. Use individually or as part of a larger air pattern in shops or plants.

Downflo Cartridge Filter Dust CollectorsThe “original” high efficiency DOWNFLO design dust collector. Continuous duty, Oval/Round style cartridge filters in sizes from 400-75,000 cfm. Larger sizes available.

Downflo Work Station Dust Collectors Flexible, modular, self-contained workstations. Easy access cartridge filters and reversible louver inlets. Recirculates the air for energy savings. Use as individual unit or manifold multiple units together and make a complete booth or room complete with lighting and acoustical lining.

Bin Vents Bin Vent units designed for silos. Efficient ultra web cartridge filters capture most types of dust. Low profile, self-cleaning units use ultra web filters and have top filter access. Three sizes are excellent for most types of dusts.

Downdraft Benches Self-contained work station includes blower, ultra web cartridge filters, pullout dust drawers, lighted work surface and back draft enclosure. The most effective way to contain dust/smoke.

Portable Dust Collectors and Air Cleaners Portable weld fume collectors with 8 foot flex-trunk extractor arm. Compact size, high filtration efficiency, plug and go.

Pulse-jet Dust/Fume Collectors Perfect for high pressure applications. Two sizes include self-cleaning ultra web cartridge filters with round bodies to handle up to (-) 200” w.g. pressure. Tangential inlets and blower packages available.

Baghouse / Bag Filter Dust Collection Equipment

IRD Series Dust Collectors Economical design in manual or automatic shaker filter cleaning configuration. Handle dust loads from all types of tools, wood workers use on individual tools of Mani folded to several tools. 10 sizes from 5 to 25 hp fit most shops.

Manual Shaker Dust Collectors Functional collectors in three sizes are perfect for lower airflow requirements and light to moderate dust loads with manual shaker filter cleaning. Perfect for labs, tool grinding, sanding positions.

Auto Shaker Dust Collector Six sizes of highly functional collectors feature automatic shaker filter cleaning and choice of unit configurations with pullout dust drawers, drums or bin vent type units. Handle heavier intermittent dust loads, individual unit sizes from 400-7500 cfm each.

Modular Baghouses Reliable, heavy-duty pulse-jet dust collectors in sizes to 100,000 cfm. Clean side filter access, explosion venting, choice of hopper outlet configurations.

Dalamatic Baghouse Dust Collectors Complete line of collectors are versatile with numerous filter and body configuration options. Sizes to 100,000 cfm, high temperature models available. Unique downflow design extends filter life.

RF Baghouse Dust Collectors Designed for high air volume and heavy dust loading for applications such as woodworking, cement, grain, chemical, and food processing.

Power Core Dust Collection Equipment

Power Core Filtration Revolutionary ultra web filter design provides for smaller collectors, longer life filters and overall reduced operating costs. Units fit large range of applications, equipment sizes from 400-20,000 cfm.

Cyclone Dust Collection Equipment

Cyclone Separators/Dust Collectors Seven sizes available with choice of hopper outlets and after filters. Use as primary dust collector or as a pre-separator to bag houses/cartridge filter collectors. Sizes from 400 cfm-25,000 cfm.

Wet Dust Collection Equipment

Ducted Wet Dust Collectors Uses water filter to safely and effectively filter sticky or potentially hazardous or explosive dust, including aluminum, titanium, and hexavalent chromium.

Wet Collector Booths Collection/containment booth has an integral wet dust collector.

Wet Collector Downdraft/Backdraft Benches Downdraft tables with integral wet dust collector offer containment enclosures and single or double (back-to-back) work surfaces.

Fume Extraction Arms

Stainless Steel Fume Exhaust Arms Use for food/chemical/pharmaceutical processes; 3" to 8" diameter sizes fit most applications.

Source Capture Fume Extraction Arms Reach 3' - 40', five different diameter sizes. Bench or wall mount, self supported, lighted hoods.

Mist Collection Equipment

Centrifugal Mist Collectors Designed for machine tool mounting to collect coolant mist. Optional HEPA filter available for smoke applications.

Modular Media Mist Collectors Designed for wet or dry filtration applications. Four sizes with numerous filter configuration options provide for use in all types of facilities. Machine tool mountable or central systems fit all types of machine tools.

WSO Filter Mist Collectors Versatile filter design, available in three types of media can filter water soluble mist, oil mist and smoke. Machine mountable or central type units available for all types of machining applications.

Rotary Valve / Air Locks

AN Series Rotary Valve Economical fabricated air lock in 8 sizes handles all types of dust. Choice of wiper types and square or round configuration to fit all Donaldson/Torit collectors. Good for retrofit to all brands.

CI Series Rotary Valve Six sizes available to handle wood, grain, and solid chemicals. Use to discharge material from dust collector hoppers or processes; also suitable for high-pressure pneumatic conveying systems.

Blowers / Fans Industrial & Commercial

Industrial Blowers / Fans Backward Inclined centrifugal, radial tip, axial, airfoil types for all industrial dusts, smoke, fumes and high heat applications. Rebuild services available.

Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fans Efficient wall mounted exhaust fans provide general ventilation for shops/plants. Use to ventilate smoke/dust/odors/heat. Options include weather hoods, protective screens and installation structures.

Vacuum Equipment Industrial & Commercial

Central Vacuum Systems Units, piping, and tools. Air powered, electric, HEPA, and powder coating types.

Portable Vacuum Equipment Numerous sizes of application-specific portable vacuum equipment for facility housekeeping tasks to heavy dust pick up in manufacturing. Excellent for powder coating applications.

Clamping Ductwork / Hoods

Clamping Type Ductwork Install yourself, easy to move, expand, and disassemble for cleaning. Pipe, slip fittings, clamps, elbows, branches, gates, reducers, hoods, blower outlets, flex connectors and more. Available in galvanized or stainless material. Click Link for More Information.

Automatic Slide Gates / Diverter Valves

Automatic Slide Gates / Diverter ValvesImprove/balance duct system operation. Auto gates open/close when machine tools operate. Manual/Automatic Diverter Valves divert material or air to hoppers for material handling systems.

Flex Duct / Hoses

Flex Ducting Standard sizes and types, crush resistant, high temperature types to 2000° F.

Explosion Suppression / Venting Products

Explosion Suppression Systems Explosion detection/suppression products and systems, explosion vents and isolation valves. Unique ProFlap Isolation Valve operates without controls and fits any application with dusts under kst 300.

Spark Detection / Suppression Products

Spark Suppression/Abort Gate Systems

Control Upgrades

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)Use to modulate motor hp to fit specific pressure loads from duct systems and filters. VFDs reduce hp requirements and provide soft starting for motors.

Replacement Cartridge Filters / Baghouse Filters / Media and HEPA

Replacement FiltersPoly Pads, Micro-Glass/Synthetic Bags, Pleats, HEPA, Charcoal, Cartridge Filters, Bag House Bags/Cages, Mist Collector Filters fit paint booths, air cleaners, dust collectors, powder coating booths, abrasive blasting booths and exhaust systems.

Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems / Firehouse / EMS

Magnetic Grabber Plymovent announces a new Magnetic Grabber tailpipe connection for diesel/gas engine exhaust removal! This easy to operate and highly efficient magnetic design, “clicks and seals” directly to tailpipes thereby protecting occupants from airborne contaminants. Made to fit new or most brands of existing systems.

Nozzles Sizes to fit all diameter tailpipes. Unique Grabber Nozzle provides virtually 100% tail pipe seal.

Retractable Hose Drops8’-20’ long hose with choice of nozzles supported by retractable balancer fit numerous types of shop applications. Exhaust sizes from 3” diameter to 6” diameter. Use with individual blower or central system.

Manual/Motorized Hose Reels Support 15’-30’ of exhaust hose and choice of nozzles with manual or motorized retractable reels. Use with individual blowers or central systems.

Sliding Balancer (SBT) Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems For drive-thru or back-in stations. Tracks support Grabber Nozzle and hose connected to engine tailpipe and automatically release at station door.

Vertical Stack Rail Fits vertical exhaust vehicles.

Straight Rail Fits extended length hose travel.