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Complete Support for Every Air Filtration System and Need

Equipment Field Service, Replacement Filters/Parts, Duct Work

We are the authorized Torit/Donaldson Service Center for the region with experienced service techs, factory-trained to service and maintain all types of air cleaners and dust collectors. This includes vehicle exhaust removal systems as well.

Scheduled preventative maintenance and/or filter replacements are available for all of the products represented. We stock poly pads, pleats, micro-glass bags, HEPA filters, charcoal filters, dust collector bags and cartridge filters. OEM filters are available direct from factory warehouses.

Field services available include:

  • Bag House Filter Change & Repairs
  • Cartridge Collector Filter Change & Repairs
  • Cyclone Dust Collector Filter Change & Repairs
  • Blower Repairs / Replacement Wheels / Bearings
  • Rotary Air Lock Rebuilds
  • Ductwork / Hood Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance

Field service and maintenance for most brands of equipment including the following:

Air Cleaners

  • Absolent
  • Airflow Systems
  • Aercology
  • Air King
  • Austin Air
  • Cloud 9
  • Filt Air
  • Honeywell
  • Industrial Maid
  • Micro Air
  • Plymovent
  • Roto Vent
  • Smog Hog
  • Smokeeter
  • Tepco
  • Trion

Dust Collectors/Vacuums

  • Torit/Donaldson
  • Carter/Day
  • AGET
  • Air Sentry / AFS
  • Air Filtration Systems / AFS
  • American Air Filter (AAF)
  • Farr
  • Filter-1
  • DCE
  • Dust Hog
  • Murphy-Rodgers
  • Sternvent
  • Vac-U-Max
  • Nilfisk
  • Pyradia-Belfab
  • United Air Specialists

Vehicle Exhaust Removal

  • Plymovent
  • Nederman
  • Carmon
  • Monoxivent
  • Vent Air
  • Ascent

We stock Clamping Type ducting in numerous sizes along with elbows, slip fittings, branches, slide gates, and clamps. Custom hoods/design and duct layout services are also provided. Our clamping ductwork is compatible with Kirk & Bloom Duct Inc. systems.

Flex ducting and hoses by Masterduct is available to fit all types of uses with special construction for highly abrasive dusts, spark applications, general air handling and vehicle exhaust removal. High temperature flex duct operation to 2000 F. Clear, MasterPur flex for woodworking applications in stock.

System Layout and Design

Equipment of this type cannot meet performance expectations if applied improperly. Correct equipment placement, duct layout, hood design, fan/blower sizing are a few of the parameters our sales / application personnel consider before making recommendation and solutions.

Years of field experience combined with adherence to A.C.G.I.H. standards ensures us to provide practical, user-friendly solutions to your application.

Custom source-capture duct system layout recommendations are provided as part of our services with equipment/system purchases. Stamped, engineered drawings are available through our relationships with experienced consulting engineers.

Application or System Analysis

Our experienced sales representatives will analyze your current (or future) needs and existing system performance capabilities. We can provide air flow, static pressure measurement and particle count analysis for many systems and processes. We can have dust samples analyzed and recommend the correct type of filter for the application.

Product Demonstration and Rental Equipment


Sometimes the most effective way to determine which product is best suited for an application is to try the proposed equipment on the actual operation. Product demonstration can be arranged either on site or at our facility.

Observe and try live demonstration of equipment including Dust Collectors, Blowers, Fume Exhaust Arms, Vehicle Exhaust Removal Equipment and controls.

Please contact your sales representative with requirements. Depending on the duration of a specific demonstration/trial or the specific product, special pricing, freight and/or filter replacement terms may apply.


Numerous products are available for short term (1 day to 1 month) or long term (1-24 month) rentals.

Portable units for welding smoke/fume control are available, even small dust collection equipment and industrial vacuum products.

Many facilities prefer our long-term rental package with option to purchase.

For information, please call 800-331-9709.