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Ambient Air Filtration – Steel Grinding/Sanding

Ambient Air Filtration - Steel Grinding-SandingApplication: Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer generated dust from hand sanding/metal preparation operations accomplished throughout an approximate 22,500 cu. ft. space.

Dust Type: Steel Grinding and sanding dust

Location: Colorado

Airflow and Static Pressure: 4,000 cfm from two, 2,000 cfm ambient air filter units. S.P. N/A.

Air Filtration Equipment Solution Selection: (2) Airflow Systems Model F-70R self-contained ambient air filter units @ 2,000 cfm each were applied to provide an approximate 5-min air exchange rate within the space. Ambient air is circulated through the filter units each with replaceable poly pads, pleated pre-filters and 95% efficient micro-glass main bag filters.

Ambient dust particle loads are reduced and clean air is recycled without exhausting to atmosphere.