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Baghouse Retrofit/Upgrade Application

Baghouse Retrofit/Upgrade:  System upgrade required to meet increased airflow need and to replace worn, undersized, baghouse blower, controls, and ductwork. Baghouse replacement not applicable due to physical location of equipment and budget considerations.

Dust Type:  Ceramic Powder Dust from Spray Dryer Operation

Location:  Colorado

Dust Collector Equipment Solution Selection:  (1)-AirPro Fan Co. Model BCHS 270 40 hp industrial blower, duct system with angle flange connections, custom duct connections, dust collector replacement parts.

Air Flow/Static Pressure:  12,500 cfm @ 16” s.p., Air Temp approx. 185 degrees F

Application Solution:  Project scope included rebuilding of baghouse roof, pulse-jet filter cleaning system (new bag filters, compressed air lines, blow pipes, diaphragm, solenoid valves and controls), supply ducting to baghouse and ducting to blower inlet. New blower increased airflow to 12,500 cfm from 7,000 cfm and 40 hp from 25 hp.

The changes increased airflow improved overall process throughput, baghouse was re-used, energy savings achieved from operation of VFD for the blower and emission standards met.