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Brush Truck Exhaust Removal

Brush Truck Exhaust RemovalApplication:  Brush Truck Exhaust Removal

Smoke/Dust Type:  Diesel and Gas Engine Exhaust

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:

(2) – Plymovent Model STRA-50 Exhaust Rails, 50’ length, 500-degree temperature flex hose with heavy-duty retractable balancer and magnetic “Grabber” tail pipe connection.

(1) – Plymovent TEV-559-60 Blower 5hp 240V phase

CFM/Static Pressure:   400 cfm @ 7” s.p.

Application Solution:  Vertical exhaust rail provided added length for vehicle positioning inside the equipment bay.  Undercarriage tailpipe connection with magnetic “Grabber” nozzle provided positive seal to the exhaust stack.

System operation is automatic and controlled via sensors that start and stop exhaust fans.

This equipment proved very flexible as different and sometimes multiple vehicles could use the same bay.  Firefighters are isolated from engine exhaust with use of this system.