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Buffing/Polishing Application

Buffing-PolishingDust Type/Application: Hand Buffing/Polishing operation on brass and other metals.

Dust Type: Buffing wheel fibers, metal dust, and rouge residue

Location: Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: (2) Donaldson / Torit Size 30-15 Cyclone style Buffing-Polishingdust collectors each with unenclosed 12 bag secondary after filter system.

Nordfab clamping ductwork selected because the duct system required smooth connections without screws that could collect and nest fibrous materials.

CFM/Static Pressure: 4200 cfm Buffing-Polishingeach @ 13” s.p.

Application Solution: Cyclone style dust collectors were selected to handle fibrous and sticky materials. Buffing wheel enclosures were rebuilt to contain dust. System reduced ambient just loads that could expose operator breathing zones and shop housekeeping time was significantly reduced. Clamping duct system provided for easy clean out.