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Composite Dust Grinding/Sanding

Composite DustApplication: Grinding/sanding of aircraft components and from operation of table saws, shapers, sanders.

Dust Type: Composites, combustible

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: Filter One Model DB-14-10-15 Self-Contained continuous duty cartridge filter Dust Control Booth. 14 Ft. Wide Composite Dustx 6 ft. Deep. 15 HP blower and re–gain airflow design.

1 – Donaldson/Torit UMA 150 Self-contained Bag Filter Dust Collector with IEP Inlet Isolation Valve and Nordfab Clamping Ductwork.

CFM/Static Pressure: Filter One Booth 5000, re-gain
UMA -150 Dust Collector 1400 cfm @ 9” s.p.

Application Solution: Various size aircraft components fit into the booth enclosure for finishing. The horizontal airflow pattern within enclosure provides operator breathing zone isolation and keeps dust from migrating into adjacent workspaces.

Re-Gain airflow design provided over 250 rpm cross-sectional flow inside the enclosure.