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Electromagnetic Tailpipe Connection Retrofit/Upgrade

Electromagnetic Tailpipe Connection Retrofit-UpgradeApplication:  Upgrade of Existing Vehicle Exhaust Removal System

Smoke/Dust Type:  Diesel Engine Exhaust

Location:  Colorado, Utah, New Mexico

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  Plymovent Magnetic Grabber Retrofit Package

Application Solution:  Department utilized an electromagnetic tailpipe connection with a sliding hose and track.  A 100% tailpipe connection could not be achieved due to a hood that was larger than the tailpipe.  The department did not want a hose support connected to the side of a vehicle.

The Plymovent earth magnet provided a 100% tail pipe seal and did not require a connection to the body of an engine or ambulance.

Improved firefighter safety resulted from reduced exposures to airborne contaminants from engine operation and maintenance was simplified.