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EMS Ambulance Fleet Facility Ventilation

EMS Ambulance Fleet Facility VentilationApplication:  EMS Ambulance facility required source capture engine exhaust system to fit into low ceiling garage area located under parking garage.

Type of Dust/Smoke:  Gas/diesel engine exhaust

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  (21) – Plymovent Retractable Hose Drops including Heavy Duty Balancers and Nozzles

(2) – Plymovent TEV-745-60 10 hp Industrial Blowers

CFM/Static Pressure:  4,000 cfm @ 7.5″ s.p. for each system

Application Solution:  Two systems with 10 and 11 hose drops respectively and wall mounted retractable hose drops suspend hose when not connected to ambulance tailpipe. Direct tail pipe connection to capture engine exhaust isolates operator breathing zones and keeps fumes/smoke from migrating throughout the facility.