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Food Processing – Spices – Custom Blending

Food Processing - SpicesApplication:  Sorting, milling, mixing, blending, packaging of spices and herbs

Dust Type:  Spices, herbs. Combustible

Location:  Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Food Processing - SpicesDownflo Model DFO-3-24 continuous duty, pulse jet dust collector with collector mounted AirPro Fan Co. Blower, 4V arrangement. Source Capture Nordfab clamping duct system connected to machine and workstations.

1 – Donaldson/Torit Downflo Model 2DF12 Continuous duty, pulse jet cartridge flit dust collector.

2 – Donaldson/Torit Downflo Workstation Dust Collectors

Donaldson/Torit Ultra Web Filters

3 – Airflow Systems Model 4E Self-supported fume exhaust arms.

Nordfab Clamping Duct System

Airflow/Static Pressure:  DFO 3-24 10,000 CFM @ 16” s.p.
DFT 2-12 6,000 CFM @ 12” s.p.

Application Solution:  Combined source capture systems isolated operator breathing zones, reduced general housekeeping time and recycled plant air.

Clamping duct system provided flexibility of equipment relocation and easy cleanout.