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Graphite Dust/Fibers

Graphite Dust-FibersApplication: Central Dust Collection from machining, grinding, sanding operations – Aircraft component manufacturer.

Dust Type: Graphite dust particles and fibers

Location: Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: 1-Donaldson/Torit Model 376-RF12 continuous duty, medium pressure reverse pulse baghouse dust collector with Meyer HDX Rotary Air Lock and custom electrical control panel

1-Donaldson/Torit Model 484 RF12 continuous duty, medium pressure reverse pulse round style baghouse dust Collector included explosion relief vents, Meyer HDX rotary valve and Donaldson/Torit AirFlow Controller Electrical Panel including VFD.

Application Solution: Airflow from dust collectors’ source capture duct system captured dust from CNC Mills and Machine tools. Dust was contained at the source thereby keeping operational visibility acceptable at the machine tool and operators were not exposed to airborne contaminants.

PD pumps provided with collectors circumvented need to use plant compressed air to reverse pulse baghouse filters. Round style use collector provides effective pre-separation of material before entering filter section.