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Grinding/Sanding Dust

Grinding DustApplication:  Grinding, sanding, and finishing of steel products

Dust Type:  Steel

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection:  Donaldson/Torit DFO 4-16 Continuous duty, pulse-jet cartridge filter dust collector with 30 hp Model TBI-30 Blower, Boss Products Size 16 No Return Inlet Grinding DustIsolation Valve, IVEC Auto Slide Gate System, Nordfab Clamping Duct Material.

Auto Gate system consisted of 28 Air/electric auto slide gates, infrared starting controls and VFD (variable frequency drive).

Airflow/Static Pressure:  6,000 cfm @ 14” s.p.

Application Solution:  Operation utilized manufacturing cells consisting of belt sanders, disc sanders and polishing wheels used by one operator, 28 total positions were connected.

Dust Collection airflow need at 100% use with all 28 positions open was 12,000 cfm, however, due to the manufacturing cell design and available personnel, only 14 positions (1/2 of the tools) could operate simultaneously.

The IVEC Auto Slide Gate System provided airflow control that automatically opened and closed slide gates based on user demand at individual tools.

This solution reduced initial dust collector sizing to 6,000 cfm from 12,000 cfm which reduced blower power need to 30 hp from 60 hp and a reduction in corresponding duct sizes.

Even with comparable first costs to a 100% system, payback for the auto gate plan is rapid because overall hp is dramatically reduced and energy rebates from the power company were obtained from the purchase of a VFD with the control package.