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Hi-Vac Dust Collection – Composite Dust

Hi-Vac Dust Collection - Composite DustApplication:  Hi-Vac Dust Collection System applied to grinding/sanding on large fixtures

Dust Type:  Composites, combustible

Location:  Colorado

Application Solution:  Hi-Vac System selected Hi-Vac Dust Collection - Composite Dustbecause source capture tools required 1.5” duct connections and the manufacturing process required grinding/sanding on large fixtures requiring longer flex hoses and a selection of tool connections.

Auto slide gates operate on demand when various positions are used, auto flush gates keep the main duct lines clear.

The system additionally provides housekeeping and plant clean up when grinding tools are not in use.

Source capture Hi Vac systems require significantly lower airflow than lower pressure dust collection systems thereby providing a much lower impact on make up air requirements if the air is not recycled.