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MetalizingApplication:  Metalizing

Dust Type:  Powdered Metal Dust and Smoke

Location:  Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection:  (3) Donaldson/Torit Model DFT 3-12 with TBI-10, 10 h.p. Direct Drive MetalizingBlowers, explosion relief vents

(1) Donaldson/Torit Model DFT-3-24 with TBI-20, 20 h.p. Direct Drive Blower, explosion relief vents

Blower outlet dampers and silencers were used.

Filter type was Donaldson/Torit Ultra Web Flame Retardant.

Airflow/Static Pressure:   3 systems each 3,000 cfm @ 10 s.p., 1 system at 6,000 cfm @ 12 s.p.

Application Solution:  Dust collectors connected to individual metal spray booths and provided direct exhaust to each booth hood enclosure.

Ducting connections were done with clamping duct material. Due to a mixture of gasses in the air stream, filtered air was not recycled.

Dust collectors provided booth visibility control, operator breathing zone isolation and emission standards were met.