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Paper Dust Application

Paper DustApplication:  Paper shredding operation generated large volumes of airborne paper dust from truck unloading, shredding machinery, conveyor operation and bailer use. Central dust collection system provided source capture to dust generation points and contained dust to one central point to existing scrap compactor system. Use of spark suppression/abort gate system allowed for re-cycle of tempered air.

Filtration Equipment:  Donaldson/Torit Modular Baghouse Model 81MBTH-8; Donaldson/Torit Model 12AN Rotary Air Lock; AirPro Fan & Blower Co Model ITEH 296; 25 hp Blower; Easy Duct Clamping Ductwork; GreCon Spark Detection/Suppression System with Abort Gate and Booster Pump

Special Equipment:  Baghouse furnished with high inlet design for light dust particles

Location:  Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke:  Paper dust

CFM/Static Pressure:  5000 cfm @ 16” s.p.

Filter Type:  Donaldson/Torit Dura-Life