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Plasma Cutting Application

Plasma CuttingApplication:  Metalworking manufacturer operated a 50’L x 10’ W plasma cutting table, partitioned type that generated smoke over the entire length of the table.

Dust Type:  Plasma cutting smoke and dust

Location:  Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model DFO 3-12 continuous duty, pulse-jet, cartridge filter dust collector, TBI-20, 20 hp Blower combined with a Donaldson/Torit Model 30 Cyclone Separator, clamping ductwork and custom 50’ L zipper duct.
Donaldson/Torit Ultra Web Flame Retardant Cartridge Filters

CFM/Static Pressure:  6,000 cfm @ 16” s.p.

Application Solution:  Cutting torch traveled length of the approximately 50’L x 10’ table cutting surface. Source capture and containment of smoke and dust accomplished by use of a 55’ long fume exhaust rail (zipper duct) that provided dust collection over the entire length of the work surface.

Cyclone separator serves as a spark cooler/material agglomeration/pre-filter to the DFO 3-12 Collector.