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Retractable Hose Drops

Retractable Hose DropsApplication:  Training School use of Retractable Hose Drops

Smoke/Dust type:  Gas engine exhaust fumes and smoke

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  28 – Plymovent Model Plymovent Model RHD Retractable Hose Drops including 4” dia combo flex hose with 7’-10’ crush proof hose and 350-degree flex hose, non-scratch tailpipe nozzles.

(2) – Plymovent Model TEV Blowers, 10 hp each

CFM/Static Pressure:  4500 cfm @ 6” s.p. each fan

Application Solution:  Multiple hose drops provided tailpipe connection coverage for a wide range of vehicles and all bays. Direct connection of nozzles to tailpipes isolates operator breathing zones and keeps facility clean. Source capture of contaminants uses less airflow than a general ventilations system.