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Straight Rail Engine Exhaust System

Straight Rail Engine Exhaust SystemApplication:  Fire Station with multiple entrances required ventilation for vehicles that exit in separate directions.

Smoke/Dust Type:  Diesel Smoke and fumes

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  (3)- Plymovent STRA-60, 60’ length Straight Exhaust Rails including heavy duty retractable balancer, magnetic “Grabber” tailpipe nozzle, 500-degree flex hose, sensors and electrical control panel.

(1) – Plymovent SBTA-20, 20’ length Sliding Balancer Track with magnetic “Grabber” tailpipe nozzle, heavy duty retractable balancer, 500-degree flex hose, sensors and electrical control panel.

(1) – Plymovent TEV 585-60 7.5 hp Blower and Inlet Filter Box

CFM/Static Pressure:  3,000 cfm @ 7” s.p.

Application Solution:  Straight ventilation rails selected to accommodate distance of tailpipes from station doors.  The magnetic “Grabber” nozzle provides a positive seal resulting in complete containment of smoke and fumes.  The system is completely automatic with blower starts and stops controlled by sensors located in the rails.

Blower inlet filter boxes filter particulate prior to discharge to atmosphere.

The complete system isolates firefighters, office personnel, and visitors from diesel engine exhaust while minimizing particulate discharge from blowers.