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Straight Rail Paramedic Vehicle Engine Exhaust System

Straight Rail Paramedic Vehicle Engine Exhaust SystemApplication:  Straight Ventilation Rail connects Paramedic Vehicles

Smoke/Dust Type:   Diesel Engine Smoke and Fumes

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  (2) – Plymovent STRA-50, 50’ length straight exhaust rail including heavy-duty retractable balancer,

Straight Rail Paramedic Vehicle Engine Exhaust System(1) – Plymovent TEV 559-60 5hp Blower

CFM/Static Pressure:  1,000 cfm @ 6.5” s.p.

Application Solution:   Straight exhaust rail selected in order to meet vehicle size and distance between tailpipe and station door and for an under chassis tailpipe connection. The system starts and shuts down automatically when the vehicle leaves or returns to the station.

Tailpipe connection is provided by a magnetic “Grabber” nozzle that makes a positive seal to the tailpipe resulting in complete containment of smoke and fumes. Firefighters, adjacent day areas, or offices are isolated from engine exhausts.

This station was part of a larger, 21-station upgrade for the department.