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Straight Rail Ventilation System – Snow Cat Application

Straight Rail Ventilation System - Snow Cat ApplicationApplication:  Use of Ventilation Rail in Snow Cat Repair Training Facility.

Dust/Smoke Type:  Diesel and Gas Engine Exhaust Fumes

Location:  Colorado

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Plymovent Model STR-60 Exhaust Rail including 350-degree flex hose, pneumatic grabber nozzle tail pipe connection.

(1) – Plymovent Model TEV-559-60 5 hp Industrial Blower

CFM/Static Pressure:   900  cfm @ 7” s.p.

Application Solution:  Plymovent STR-60 exhaust rail allowed movement of equipment and machinery over an approximate 60’ length within the shop bay thereby providing flexibility of use and improved shop efficiency.  Direct tailpipe connection to exhaust stacks contained smoke and fumes at the source with minimal exhaust flow and shop occupant breathing zones were protected.  Smoke and fumes were ventilated to atmosphere.