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Welding Training School Application

Welding Training School ApplicationApplication:  Expansion of Industrial training facility required welding smoke removal from 29 individual positions with tempered air to be filtered and recycled and airflow for all positions operating simultaneously from a central filtration unit.

Dust Type:  Welding Smoke/Grinding Dust

Location:  Colorado

Welding Training School ApplicationFiltration Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model DFT-3-24 Continuous duty, pulse-jet, cartridge filter dust collector with flame retardant filters

(1) – AirPro Fan Co Model BIHS 365, 50hp industrial direct drive blower

Donaldson/Torit Auto-Lok Safety After Filter

Donaldson/Torit Airflow controller with VFD
Welding Training School Application(29)-Plymovent LM-2 Telescoping fume extraction Arms

Clamping ductwork

Airflow/static pressure:  23,000 cfm @ 15” s.p.

CFM/Static Pressure:  16,000 @ 16” s.p. each system

Application Solution:  Continuous duty dust collector keeps hood airflow constant because it self-cleans filters while the system operates thereby reducing filter replacement costs and task frequency. The airflow controller with VFD provides constant airflow to fume exhaust arms by monitoring/managing airflow based on system filter pressure drop. The telescoping (not articulated) fume arms are suited for booth-type welding which provides ease of use.

Significant energy savings from reduced hp need and operator breathing zone protection due to constant airflow to fume exhaust arms resulted.