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Welding Training School – Auto Gates and Power Core

Application:  Welding smoke ventilation from multiple welding stations with tempered air to be filtered and recycled.

Dust Type:  Welding Smoke/Fumes, Grinding Dust

Location:  Wyoming

Filtration Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Power Core Model TG-12 Continuous duty, pulse-jet, power core filter dust collector with flame retardant filters, Integral 30 hp direct drive blower, Donaldson/Torit Auto-Lok Safety After Filter, Donaldson/Torit Airflow Controller with VFD and 29- Plymovent LM-2 Telescoping fume extraction arms, and clamping ductwork.

Application Solution:  The continuous duty dust collector keeps hood airflow constant because it self-cleans filters while the system operates thereby reducing filter replacement costs and task frequency. The airflow controller with VFD provides constant airflow to fume exhaust arms by monitoring/managing airflow based on system filter pressure drop. The telescoping (not articulated) fume arms are suited for booth-type welding which provides ease of use.

The end result is significant energy savings from reduced hp need and operator breathing zone protection due to constant airflow to fume exhaust arms.