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Woodworking – Millwork Production

Woodworking - Millwork ProductionApplication:  Millwork production from CNC machine tools, molders, wide belt sander and other woodworking tools generated significant amounts of dust.

Filtration Equipment:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model 232 RF10AW Round Style, Continuous Duty, Medium Pressure Reverse-Pulse Baghouse Dust Collector; Model 16AN Rotary Valve;

(1) – Hartzell Blower Model A-03-1-403BC Argt 1 w/100 hp TEFC Motor; Outlet Damper; Belt Guards, BC Wheel;

(1) – Hartzell Blower Model S05-9-192MH Argt 10 w/7.5 hp TEFC Motor and Material Handling Wheel

GreCon Spark Detection/Suppression System

Special Equipment:  Custom Electrical Control Panel, including Soft Start for 100 hp Motor and Interlocks for Start Up/Shut Down Sequence.

Closed Loop Material Handling Blower transfers dust from collector hopper to roll off dumpster.

Location:  Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke:  Hardwood, softwood, MDF

CFM/Static Pressure:  35,000 cfm @ 21“ s.p.

Dust/Smoke Load:  Moderate—Approximately one roll-off dumpsters/week