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Woodworking – Wood Pellet Manufacturing

Woodworking - Wood Pellet ManufacturingApplication:  Wood pellet manufacturing process

Dust Type:  Wood Dust

Location:  Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection:  (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model 232 RF12 round style, continuous duty, medium pressure reverse pulse baghouse including explosion relief vents, 16AN rotary Valve

Donaldson/Torit AirFlow Control Electrical Control Panel including VFD

(1)-AirPro Fan Co. Model BIHS 365 Industrial Blower, 50 Hp

Application Solution:  New RF dust collector replaced worn square high-pressure pulse jet baghouse. System applied as a push/pull design with the new RF baghouse and blower filtering dust from two existing high-pressure blowers. New system provided airflow and pressure to keep existing system balanced and to provide clean air to meet emissions standards.